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students are looking at the list and trying to make schedules through the year. >> not to throw us under the bus, i thought you might say journalism 101 is on there, but it was not 0 on that list? >> reporter: actually there is a course in here, it has to do with journalism ethics. a good course. >> it is. >>> whiter teeth, in two hours, they put whitening strips to the test to see if they live up to the hype. >> houston, final type, we will stop. >> shuttle discovery lands back on earth. what they accomplished. >>> maybe it's safe to go in the water after all. what a new study find about the number of sharks off the california coast. >>> it was 59 degrees at sfo today, topped off at 73 in santa cruz. taking a look at mount vac a and out towards a beautiful sky. a few clouds, those clouds and the impact it will have on your thursday as "eyewitness news" continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nasa marks the end of an era. >>> and knows here touched down on the end of an historic journey. and to the ship that has led the way. >> and with that nasa marks the end of an era. space shutt
to the allegations that in 2003, he lied to a federal grand jury about using steroids. he has had to enter several pleas since prosecutors have rewritten the charges against him several times. bonds says that he has never knowingly taken steroids. trial is now set to begin march 21. >>> also today, bonds' former personal trainer greg anderson told the court he will not testify against the home run champ. the judge told anderson he would be sent back to jail for the duration of the trial if he refuses to take the stand. anderson has already spent more than a year behind bars for refusing to testify against bonds. >>> a surprise substance in a child's cookie has sickened four valve students. investigators say say a fifth grade boy shared two marijuana cookies. he said he received them from an employee from a local convenience store. the clerk said he didn't know they contained pot. >> when you look at the packaging it's not self- evident. you have to read the fine print. >> all four students attend grace patterson elementary school. vallejo police have not finished their investigation yet. >>> frus
of car break ins in alameda county. mark will show us the tempting targets. mark. >> reporter: well, imagine coming home from work and finding this. the windows in your car simply smashed. this is the reality for dozens of commuters. this particular driver doesn't know yet about the damage. at the centerville train station off of fremont boulevard, a few cars show the damage from a night of destruction. fremont police say as many as 40 vehicles were broken into here. the windows smashed, money, and valuables taken from inside. >> i saw a lot of windows with broken glass on the ground. >> fremont resident, john mitchell first noticed the damage yesterday and said the parking lot, which is open to the public is an easy target. >> who knows, laptops, they leave stuff in there. you never know. >> it's a crime of opportunity. you have all these cars parked here. no one is around. you break windows. >> fremont police detective says officers have taken a dons reports so far, but they expect more victims to come forward. as for the person or persons behind this string of burglaries. at
every two weeks. this surfer who rescued the high school student tells us the student jumped within feet of him. this surfer feels lucky to be alive. this windsor high school student is an honor student and he actually make it is a hobby jumping -- makes it a hobby jumping off bridges. >> that takes it to a whole other level. but in the meantime this dare, this alleged dare, what about the other kids who were on the field trip. i don't want to say egging him on but were they? >> reporter: well, you have to wonder. the surfer that helped to rescue him and another who witnessed it said they were cheering him o. they've all been -- him on. they've all been bussed back to windsor. they're going through individual counseling. some tweeted our station saying they know the teenager is in good shape. you just have to wonder what was going through all of their minds. >> that's crazy. thank you. >>> a family gathering turns into a tragedy. a man is shot to death in front of his girlfriend and her sister during a robbery. it happened just before 8:30 last night near lake her dan in oakland. 33-year
, got two per table, asked to us put our hands on the table. they had the search warrant for the place. then the table per table they started searching people. then after that finished, they took us one by one into rooms and ran our ids and let us go. said that the card room will be closed for the remaining of the day. >> reporter: for most of the morning an alphabet soup of agents went in and out of the casinos. fbi, irs, dea, doj, emeryville pd, oakland pd. same scene at the artichoke joe's casino in san bruno, where you can add the san bruno pd into the law enforcement mix. the state department of justice says the operation was called, kung fu panda, and focused on loansharking, extortion, drug distribution and illegal gambling. agents on the scene did not want to say what was going on. >> this is a casino. is there illegal gambling? >> i can't go into details. >> everybody came out with hands, guns on the -- hands on their guns and just looking around the corner we were like, whoa. and then they just filled the room. that's probably about 70 to 80 agents in there. it was quite sca
how long they are going to be up there. in fact, what they are telling us is for the duration. whatever that means. so we'll keep an eye on it. we'll keep you posted. >> joe, just a quick question, because from chopper 5, we could city up on the that ledge one of those big when dose was open. people were coming and going. can you tell me, are those students able to come and go through that open window up there or are those police officers up there, too? >> reporter: i know police officers are up there and they had told us they had shut off access so i'm not sure what you're able to see but it would be interesting if students could come and go. something else i just -- popped into my mind here. i was asking, what about going to the bathroom?? they made accommodations? actually, they have not. so they haven't figured out some of the things -- maybe they will talk to the police and, you know, at that point they might have to get arrested. >> the protestors in the trees by the stadium did figure out the logistics of when nature called. >> reporter: that got ugly. >> joe vazquez a
. >> the hillside has been coming down for ten years. two empty lots up the streets used to be houses. >> reporter: connie's home across the street from the slide may be safe from now but as a member of the home owners association she could face a lawsuit. the association owns the sliding hillside. >> most home owners think monthly fees that's a landscaping kind of a pay. not, you know, trying to hold back the hillside kind of a payment. >> reporter: jorgenson and other home owners will be at hercules city council this evening as the city reviews' resolution declaring an emergency that may open the doors for funding. >> i don't think that it's fair for the home owners to take on the burden of counteracting a landslide. that was never something that the sales rep talked about. >> reporter: the city hall meeting gets under way at 6:00 this evening. we understand that that emergency order -- resolution is at the top of the agenda, and we understand there will be public comment at that time. >> thank you. >>> dozens of residents are trapped in a west morgan hill neighborhood after a 200-foot mud slide
the city wants to use to clean up our water but some people as you say think that idea styx. san francisco's a beautiful place. but some parts stink. >> oh. number 2. oh. like poop. >> reporter: in some parts of the city, you don't even have to be near a storm drain. >> stinks. >> reporter: particularly on hot days, some neighborhoods smell bad, bad, bad. >> every city with a sewer system has sewerroid doors associated with it. >> reporter: i found that out a few years back during a tour of san francisco sewers. since then things have gotten stinkier. environmentally low flow toilets help cut down on the amount of water we use but less water means the sludge backs up and raises a stink. so the city wants to spend $14 million for a three-year supply of sodium hypochlorate or bleach. >> it takes away the odor so it's good for the people that live around them. >> reporter: actually 80% of the bleach goes to disinfect the city's drinking water. the rest goes into odor control. it's controversial. but petition online has started to stop the bleaching saying all that runoff will be going into th
but there are mixed messages tonight on their usage. the u.s. surgeon general on a bay area tour suggested that it would be a good idea to stockpile the pills, quote, as a precaution. state officials say just the opposite. simon perez is live in berkeley, where the iodide pills and anything like them are in short supply. simon. >> reporter: elizabeth, certainly a lot of people here in the bay area worried about radioactive material coming from japan across the pacific to the united states. right now the experts say don't worry about it too much. but still, people are buying whatever they can to keep them safe. >> people are terrified. that's what i think, including myself. >> reporter: and that fear has led to this, empty shelves at pharmacies and grocery stores across the bay area of iodine- related products. >> all kinds of stores looking for it and can't find t other stores are calling us to see if we have it and we are completely out. >> reporter: potassium iodide helps protect the thyroid gland from a certain kind of radiation. and even though experts from places like the bay area air
left him little choice but to act. he said the u.s. acted to prevent a massacre. >> 10 days ago, having tried to end the violence without using force, the international community offered qaddafi a final chance to stop his campaign of killing or face the consequences. rather than stand down, his forces continued their advance bearing down on the city of benghazi home to nearly 700,000 men, women and children who sought their freedom from fear. >> reporter: the president went to great lengths to me assure the nation that the u.s. is not interested in regime change. that would take years he said and millions if not trillions of dollars. the burden of actions should not be america's alone, he said. >> the transition to a legitimate government that is responsive to the libyan people will be a difficult task. and while the united states will do our part to help, it will be a task for the international community and more importantly a task for the libyan people themselves. >> reporter: the president did not lay out a timeline for withdrawal but he did say he will take whatever action is necess
we can get to the neighborhood. >> reporter: a tractor was used to try to pull a fire vehicle over the hill on the muddy trail but in the end it didn't work. looking on was chandler townsend, who is trying to make it home with a supply of groceries. so you're going to considerry these through the mud? >> yes. >> did you ever think that's what it would take to go to the grocery store? >> no, i didn't think i would have to do that. >> reporter: are you ready for it? >> yeah. >> reporter: so now public works crews are trying to put in some kind of access road at least for emergency vehicles. at this point though, they don't know if they can use it. many problems here and no sign of any immediate solutions for the residents. so it's a wait-and-see situation. >> more rain is coming. >> reporter: indeed. >> all right, thank you, mark. >>> heavy overnight rains causing some major problems on roads this morning. take a look at this parking lot in marin county. a flood watch was in effect in the county for most of the morning. the weather was responsible for several bay area accidents. a
the road remains blocked tonight. kcbs radio's matt bigler shows us how the community is now working together just to make do. >> reporter: here on nelson road outside scotts valley is a huge pile of rock as you can see, debris and even trees. those trees that are sticking out have been uprooted by the force of the slide and are now part of the pile. on the other side of the pile are about two dozen homes, two to three dozen homes, that are now isolated because this road is the only way in or out. tom walsh a resident tells us how they are getting around the slide. >> we have a foot path that we have built so i walk the footpath. i have seen larger slides but this is enough to cause concern. >> reporter: the good news is pg&e says they have been able to restore power to almost all of the homes that are isolated as a result of this mud slide. there have been no injuries. it's a matter until a geologist can determine the slide is stable enough to move. when that happens is anybody's guess. i'm matt bigler in the santa cruz mountains for cbs 5. >>> and for the first time in mor
at a dog park in sunnyvale. len ramirez joins us with more. i hear your friends in the background. >> reporter: the dogs are enjoying the park as it should be but dog owners here in sunnyvale have something else to worry about. it's disturbing that two times rat poison was left at the las palmas dog park. both incidents happened last month, one on february 15 and one on february 26. in both cases, commercial rat poison was used. and whoever left it wrote a message right there on the rat poison box that said, all dogs must die. >> covered up, just commercial off the shelt rat poison like you find at a hardware for. one box was left here within the park area itself. the other was left in the entryway where the people go into and out of park. in both cases some of the poison was distributed on the ground. >> obviously i don't like it because i have two dogs of my own and children that are here at the park running around. i think it's horrible that someone that does not like dogs would do such a horrible thing. >> reporter: now, this is also disturbing for parents who also bring their
. that's not saying we wouldn't if they come to us but, as of now, no, we haven't. >> reporter: there are already 8 drug cases in the county that could be impacted by this arrest. one of those cases goes to court tomorrow and she may ask to have those charges dropped against this man. at this point she is not sure if that man's case has been tainted. ann notarangelo, cbs5. >>> the san francisco public defender's office has released another surveillance video in its review of drug busts by plainclothes officers. the video shows a man in a distinctive dark jacket entering the henry hotel. officers said they observed that man with drugs in his jacket but, according to the police report, the drugs were found in the man's white an tan jacket. as a result of that discrepancy charges were later dismissed. the plainclothes unit has been suspended while the f.b.i. and other agencies investigate allegations of misconduct. >>> a bay area soldier has been killed in action leaving behind a pregnant wife and a young son. army staff sergeant mark wells of san jose died in afghanistan on satur
to open it up so that he could get out. >> reporter: he is okay they tell us, he is now recovering on another friend's boat. he wasn't hurt. he told nehme just wanted some coffee and land. >> i think it's firewood. i don't think they will be able to get it out of there. >> reporter: the storm made a lemon out of the lemon aide. 17 boats in total were beached around richardson bay. that is not uncommon, it happens almost every winter. the numbers this weekend were what were so impressive have. greg fisher lived for several years anchored in the way. >> wind gets at its worst about 2:00 in the morning, that's when it can be over 100 miles per hour coming over the mountain top. slamming the bolts, sometimes they break free. >> the coast guard contained fuel leaking from two powerboats, most of the ship wrecked were the sailing variety. there was no significant leaking into the bay. >> this boat and about a half dozen others that are left will be picked up by a salvage company. part of the richardson bay authority in -- later this week, if nobody else claims it, all the other boats, el
either in our backyard or in the field behind us. >> reporter: just before noon, police caught one of the suspects. >> we did locate one subject hiding in an outbuilding in an area where he was described to have fled. >> reporter: a rash of recent home invasions has neighbors here on edge. >> i think it's very scary, especially when we have all these kids playing and riding bikes. >> reporter: laura owns a daycare. >> came outside to see what was going on, and discovered all of this. >> reporter: did you send the kids home? >> no. but i have them locked up in my house and we keep coming out periodically just to see what's going on. >> reporter: now, again, police telling us one of the suspects still at large. all three suspects described as african-american with dredlocks. neighbors, elizabeth, are back in their homes. the suspect is probably long gone. >> thank you. >>> our bay area weather has taken a dramatic turn. and although the rain is over, the danger from landslides is not. deep below the surface, water- soaked hills may still be on the move. len ramirez on the danger tha
may have been a burst of radiation according to the japanese government. the u.s. is now telling american citizens living within 50 miles of the power plant to leave the area. >> damage to the core of the three units units 1, 2 and 3 has been confirmed. >> reporter: but workers at the plant are confident they can avoid a meltdown saying they have almost restored electricity to the reactor. that would power up the electric water pumps used to keep the nuclear fuel rods cool. radiation levels have risen in nearby towns. and very slight increases can be detected as far away as tokyo. officials say it's not enough to be dangerous but many people are avoiding the city. at the united nations the city council held a moment of silence for the victims in japan. the u.n. is helping to coordinate the relief efforts sending in aid and rescue crews from around the world. in the town of okinahu, british and american rescue crews are searching for survivors. >> hello, can you hear me? make a noise. >> trying to access underneath what you can see. very, very difficult conditions. chances of surv
at the airports. >> reporter: other passengers told us japanese airports are clogged with people trying to get out of the country over fears of a nuclear meltdown. >>> the slow process of cleaning up the santa cruz harbor has begun. no one will ever forget these images of a tsunami surging into the harbor friday. not just one but there were a series of ocean swells in a sank boats, destroyed the dock. len ramirez in santa cruz tonight with those who lost not just boats, some lost homes there, too. >> reporter: exactly. a lot of people lived on their boats here in santa cruz. and we can see what happened when those surges came onshore. we're going to zoom in here to one of the boats that's been pulled up from the water today. you can see that impact zone. that's what happened when either the -- this boat slammed into another boat or slammed into the dock. it's right above the water line there. you can easily imagine those big surge waves going into the cabin itself causing it to sink. the one by one, boats sunk by the tsunami were fished out of the santa cruz harbor and just as it was when the boat
plant. president obama says one u.s. aircraft carier is there and another one is on its way to help. >> our heart goes out to our friends in the region and we'll stand with them as they recover and rebuilding from this tragedy. >> reporter: powerful aftershocks continue to rock the country. the japanese defense ministry is rushing trips to -- troops to the hardest hit cities in the north to help look for survivors. >>> here in the bay area, thousands of japanese-americans are watching this devastation, many trying to get this touch with their loved ones there. linda yee is live with more. >> reporter: allen, this is a huge community with strong ties to japan and the japanese, they do a lot of business but they like to do a lot of vacationing. we caught up with many of them today and news of the earthquake was devastating for them. if it weren't for the social networking sites, they would have remained in the dark. >> reporter: the pictures are terrifying. people rushing and dodging falling chunks of debris and pieces of buildings. then the tsunami swallowing towns in northern japan.
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